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We are Now LIVE on Thursday Nights!

Tracey Lewis, Founder/CEO Tier One Acquisitions, Inc.

Has our team got great news for you! Great news is that our fearless team leader, Tier One President and CEO, Tracey Lewis, is conducting live meetings in Fairfax City!

These meetings are where Tracey and members of our team have a chance to share success stories and discuss up close and personal how our business model is implemented along with you discovering why and how easy it is to get in where you feel comfortable fitting in as a new team member.

Tracey hosts a live meeting every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm at our main office in Fairfax City at 4031 University Drive. Join her to learn how you can enter into the exciting world of real estate investing at a time when real estate is at an all-time premium with respect to overall appreciation and long-term value.

By the way, we look forward to our meeting up soon! The first step is to simply call our office at (703) 579-5711 and confirm the date you plan on coming to one of our informational meetings.

Thank you for your interest in blazing a trail to create your own success story with Team Tier One. Our team's super excited about teaming up with you in the near future in support of everyone's success!

Tier One Acquisitions, Inc. - Simply better together.™

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