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Our #1 Priority is You!

If you ever wanted to experience being able to determine your own path, real estate investing is a path that you should give some consideration. If you ever thought of becoming a real estate investor in the past, what may be holding you back is simply what we would like to define as the unknown unknowns. When unknown unknowns lurk in the shadows of the mind, it is more likely to stop you in your tracks particularly when it comes to trying the unfamiliar. Often a significant event precedes our ability to do something that may seem so out of character as to follow our hearts in the face of the unknowables; however, if we have someone whom we trust and who believes in our abilities they can motivate us to achieve our true heart's desire. We can then have the assurance necessary to step out of our comfort zone with a leap of faith and face the unknown variables that have been holding us back. In time, we may even come to realize that the once-perceived risks were an inaccurate perception that has cost us the loss of the very thing we were trying to achieve.

We believe the Renatus community provides the answer to getting past our fears of the unknown and to triumph over past trepidation. Renatus is more than just a set of real estate investing classes in a box that come with a hefty price tag. Renatus is online real estate investing education that comes fully charged with a skilled and resourceful real estate investment community. This community spans across the United States including Hawaii and Alaska and has the ability to connect us into a fortified nationwide network of investors that have proven their success in the field time and time again. These real estate master practioners are ready to mentor those who would like to follow in their footsteps. These master practitioners have escaped rat race and now have the time and comfort plus increased mental capacity because they lack the stress of ordinary adults due to having reclaimed their time and subsequently their life and now are at their leisure to help others achieve dreams and goals that are similar.

This is what we at Tier One Acquisitions are doing today. Our #1 priority is to show you how to achieve your ideal lifestyle through the power of real estate investing and networking with real people in your local community and around the nation made up of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs who wish above all else to see you succeed. This is our contribution to others and a lasting legacy we have chosen for ourselves.

Whether you wish to supplement your current income, feather your nest with passive income to live in comfort during your retirement years, acquire more enjoyment out of life and do it on your own terms, leave a lasting legacy for your children or a legacy of your choice or to simply challenge yourself by achieving something you only thought possible in your dreams, we are here to help you. We want you to follow your passion and move forward in a brand new direction. And you will not pursue your dreams alone for we provide a hand to guide you when you step out of your comfort zone and step into action to make your life better. In turn we trust that you will turn right around and do the same for someone just starting out who has a similar vision for their future thereby making the world better as a byproduct of your newfound happiness and success.

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