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We are Tier One Acquisitions Inc. and want to become your partner in turning your real estate investing dreams into a reality.

Our winning formula is creating meaningful solutions for entrepreneurs who are looking for leadership and management  tools and solutions that make a difference where it matters most. 

We built a reputation for working collaboratively with individuals who have a shared vision and passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

Since opening our doors, we've nurtured a fruitful relationship with Inc. 5000 company, Renatus LLC. One of our primary businesses is sharing the Renatus  wealth cycle, along with the tools that accessing Renatus educational services affords its students as a means of jumpstarting their way to wealth and prosperity.

We believe that Renatus provides the most sound foundation for delivering on the fulfillment of one's hopes, ambitions and dreams. We've also seen numerous individuals become successful entrepreneurs and investors by having access to the educational services and support systems that Renatus provides. Some may be just like you!

We invite you to continue exploration in learning from us about what makes Renatus unique. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that with and for you, because together on this journey we're simply better!


With 4 years of business experience to our name, our company has a developed a reputation for training  individuals who wish to become high-performing leaders of integrity, responsibility and accountability. Of note is that our team members are contributing to the creation of a huge Renatus ripple effect across America.

These extraordinary men and women work closely within our organization and demonstrate a commitment and desire for personal  growth and professionalism as a foundation for success.  Joining our organization will give you the tools to excel beyond what you have until now dreamed possible. Develop the ability to pay it forward as a beacon to others out to accomplish similar goals and dreams for their future.

Just think. You have a chance to establish a new pace in life with access to a host of informative classes, personal training and development and a supportive community environment like the one we offer.


Because we welcome beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs and investors alike, what better reason to get started with us now!

“At Tier One, our goal is to make the biggest and brightest difference with the most lasting impact for good. Our overarching belief is that we're better together than what we could ever be acting alone. We invite you to share our mission, vision and purpose and to join hands with us in improving communities globally for generations to come. Why wait? The time has never been more perfect! 

Tracey Lewis


Tier One Acquisitions Inc.


Together Let's Be Best!™



"Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we can achieve excellence."


Vince Lombardi



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