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“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African proverb

Opportunities are just around the corner for those who know where to look. Tier One Acquisitions, Inc. was created for the purpose of unearthing those opportunities. Our Team Tier One members comprise a larger community of entrepreneurs that focus primarily on real estate investing. Our successful team leaders are capable of showing you where opportunities lie and are well-equipped to educate individuals on how to create avenues for successful business entrepreneurship in the field of real estate investing to include short- and long-term acquisitions.  


Never has there seemed to be a time where the current economic outlook in America has created a hardship for thousands of Americans throughout the country since the Great Depression. We see it daily in the news. Real estate entrepreneurship has proven itself to be a mechanism for "leveling the playing field" with regard to those who have above-average drive and who are willing to put in the energy and effort to well-position themselves in the real estate development sphere. Tier One Acquisitions is committed to implementing the resources needed to help those who are looking for positive change and who want to secure their financial future through real estate investing with proper education.  


Our Independent Contracted Marketers (ICMs) known in-house as "Team Tier One Tigers" are ranked as some of the most highly skilled and sought after Renatus real estate investment specialists in the Northern Virginia area and nationwide. These sharp-minded individuals are committed to helping those who wish to enter the real estate investing arena build a rock solid foundation followed by a robust financial future. Our mentors and coaches are committed to utilizing the real estate investment education that they have received from their involvement with the Renatus community and in active investments over many years to not only develop their own real estate portfolio in order to better secure their dreams and bright ambitions but also to help you achieve yours. The best news is that we evolving with the help of a working mechanism that offers mutual benefit to everyone within our community and that is creating a unique synergy among ourselves that is second to none!


In Latin, the name Renatus means Rebirth. If you have been looking for something new -- a rebirth of your own -- along with a chance to create supplemental income and build a secure financial future for yourself, we urge you to consider joining our real estate investment community. We regularly hold Informational meetings to share the Renatus opportunity. We invite you to contact us in order to register for one of those meetings where you can hear how our community is becoming more noteworthy because of its positive impact on the lives of its members.



We would like to have you join us on this wonderful journey! That is why we encourage you to participate in one of our LIVE webinars or recorded webinar events. This is another opportunity for you to be exposed to information highlighting the Renatus business opportunity. This is where you will learn in greater detail how you can become a part of the Renatus real estate investing community and earn a substantial income learning how to use a tangible set of real estate investing tools to grow wealth. Find out how you can achieve prosperity and unlimited growth potential marketing our #1 nationally recognized online real estate education program all from the comfort of any environment of your choice and at a time that is most convenient for you while learning real estate investment strategies that you can implement with the confidence of a supportive community behind you.


Our founder and chief executive officer established Tier One Acquisitions in part for the purpose of providing individuals with the tools to create for themselves the type of lifestyle and personal enjoyment that they may have thought unobtainable until they learned about the Renatus opportunity. NOW is the time to take action and we can show you what is possible with the creativity and passion for real estate investing that comes from the power of synergism among many individuals working together for the common good of the entire community.


When you partner with us, we show you how to use proven Renatus real estate investing systems and how to leverage our knowledgeable community of investors to succeed as a real estate investment and business entrepreneur. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way so that your dreams of becoming your own boss will no longer seem like a pipe dream but will be seen as a tangible reality that you can and will have the tools to create for yourself.


Once you make a sincere time commitment to seek more information about what we can provide, you will come to know why we believe that "we're better together." And, yes, our experience has repeatedly shown that by far we are better together than we could ever be working toward a large goal alone. Again, it comes from the synergy created when we are all working together to achieve something great beyond anything we could hope to achieve by ourselves.


We thank you for making a decision to learn more about growing to greatness with us. We trust that with an open mind and some creative thinking on your part, you will be impressed upon enough to find out how you can secure a prosperous future when utilizing the #1 nationally recognized real estate investing and growth mindset opportunity with our guidance and support.



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